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Dec 14, 2020

Alyea Sandovar, PhD, originally from Colombia and currently in Munich, is a game and play consultant for online entrepreneurs  With a whole slew of degrees the focus of her PhD was game design and production.

Her Masters degrees are in Psychology, and Human Organizational Systems, whilst her Bachelor’s was in Public Relations and Communication.

Working with academic institutions, non profits, game studios, corporations, start-ups and with online entrepreneur, she has an in-depth of understanding, through both study and experience, into what it means to be human and to be playful.

Passionate about creating high quality products with ease and fun, she loves dark chocolate, salsa, traveling, cortados and spirituality. She’s part of the founding team that created “Playful Creative Summit” which in 2019 brought together many first class creative professionals to talk about their processes. 

Website: and

Facebook Page:

Twitter ID: @alyeasandovar


Books mentioned:

Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World by Jane McGonigal 

Values at Play in Digital Games (The MIT Press) by Mary Flanagan & Helen Nissenbaum 


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Deborah Claire Procter is a multi-media artist from Wales who in 2005 received the Creative Wales Award in 2005 for her work with video and experimental dance. She makes performances for theatres, galleries and site-specific spaces., and with her degree in theatre from the University of Exeter and a Masters in Fine Arts from the University of Wales, Cardiff, her work has been seen in numerous prestigious theatres and galleries. She received the Creative Wales Award in 2005 for her work with video & experimental dance. In 2003 and 2005 she was funded by Wales Arts International to visit Argentina which led to on going collaborations with contemporary operas. She's is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the ArtsMore information