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Nov 23, 2020

Aubrey Bergauer (U.S.A.) defies trends and then makes her own. Hailed by San Francisco Chronicle as a “dynamic and innovative administrator,” her focus on not just engaging—but retaining—new audiences grew Seattle Opera’s BRAVO! Club to the largest group for young patrons in the nation, led the Bumbershoot Festival to achieve an unprecedented 43% increase in revenue, and propelled the California Symphony to double the size of its audience and nearly quadruple the donor base.  

Praised by Wall Street Journal for leadership which “points the way to a new style of audience outreach,” and which drove the California Symphony to become “the most forward-looking music organization around” (San Jose Mercury News), Bergauer’s ability to strategically and holistically examine and advance every facet of the organization, instilling and achieving common goals and vision across what are usually siloed marketing, development, and artistic departments creates a transformational change in the audience, in the office, on the stage, and in the community.

A graduate of Rice University with degrees in Music Performance and Business, classical music is Bergauer’s vehicle to make the world around her better, through programs that champion social justice and equality, through marketing and audience development tactics on the forefront of trends and technology, and through delivering revenue and results in the rapidly changing landscape of funding, philanthropy, and consumer behavior. Bergauer shares these ideas in her consulting work and in speaking engagements across North America, including conferences for Adobe’s Magento, TEDx, Blackbaud, Capacity Interactive, Opera America, Orchestras Canada, and the League of American Orchestras.




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