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Jun 30, 2020

Tene Edwards (UK) is an Authorpreneur, Self-Love Advocate, Poet. Mental Health and Wellbeing Thought Leader and a writer featured in Forbes.

From Luton, to the North of London, she has described how, “Writing became my healing tool when I hit rock bottom. I was dumped by a guy I wasn’t even in a relationship with - but had strong feelings for - and my degree in Law no longer excited me. My career was in shambles. In fact, my whole life was in shambles…But life completely changed when I began to journal my thoughts and feelings.”

Tene Edwards runs self-love events and workshops to help others cultivate a more supportive and loving relationship with themselves and to empower others to recognise and trust their own inner voice. 

As an author, she is in the very new phenomena of an amazingly large following on social media with a variety of people supporting her art such as Khloe Kardashian, actor Wesley Snipes, Kandi Burruss and Dascha Polanco from Orange is The New Black - all sharing her words, allowing her to reach a total audience of 109.6 million. 

Her first poetry book “Walk With Wings” is a #1 Bestselling Book on Amazons and a compilation of reflections on her experiences, thoughts, and feelings through love, loss, pain, healing and resilience which her audience of mostly 18 - 35 year olds have found meaning and inspiration. The collection takes the reader through the life story of the author whilst offering advice, notes, and affirmations, which were written to empower the author during difficult times. 

Falling in love, making bad decisions, learning from her mistakes, and discovering how to love her life and herself are Tene Edward’s themes. She takes this knowledge into workshops that she delivers through the S.E.E.D Project which she set up with colleague Maxine Wynter (a qualified Social Worker and Stress Relief Coach), where they work with young people to help them strive for more so that too can let out their voice and have the feeling that Edwards describes as the “feeling of bricks being lifted of your shoulders.”

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